I'm a first year Computer Science PhD student at UC Berkeley, where I am advised by Ion Stoica in the AMPLab. I received a BS in EECS from Berkeley in May 2013.

In past summers I've interned at Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Research.

I graduated from Interlake High School, where I greatly enjoyed being part of the PRISM and GHSP programs.



(650) 701-7705


UC Berkeley AMPLab Berkeley, CA
Undergraduate Research Assistant September 2010 to May 2013

As an undergrad in the AMPLab I worked on Spark, an open source cluster computing framework written in Scala. I wrote a replay debugger called Arthur for Spark programs and wrote a tech report on Arthur. I also used Spark to build a Pregel-like graph processing framework called Bagel.

Google Mountain View, CA
Software Engineer Intern May to August 2012

I contributed to Google's workflow execution system, which handles collections of processes with dependencies. I designed an algorithm to make this system more efficient at allocating cluster resources in response to changing workloads.

Facebook Palo Alto, CA
Software Engineer Intern May to August 2011

I spent the summer improving Facebook's cluster manager. I wrote code to track and limit the network usage of running jobs.

Microsoft Research Redmond, WA
Research Intern June to August 2010

I interned at Microsoft Research's eXtreme Computing Group over the summer after I graduated high school. I explored how to design scalable iterative programs on top of certain cloud storage abstractions. I built a prototype called CloudClustering and presented the results at DataCloud 2011 in Anchorage, Alaska.

Jain Foundation Bellevue, WA
Software Development Consultant January to June 2010

During 12th grade, I wrote some code on the side at the Jain Foundation to help process abstract submissions for their scientific conference.

Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University Cambridge, MA
Summer Intern July to August 2009

I was lucky to do an internship at Harvard's Berkman Center after 11th grade. I worked on HerdictWeb, a site that collects user reports of Internet censorship and analyzes them.

DreamBox Learning Bellevue, WA
Software Development Engineer Intern July to August 2007

My first internship was at DreamBox after 9th grade. I made virtual toys like abacuses to help kids learn math.


In 11th grade, I did some research into distributed genetic algorithms applied to the Boggle word game, to satisfy my curiosity about the single Boggle board with the most words packed into it. This turned into a software project called DistBoggle, and a paper called "Optimizing Boggle Boards: An Evaluation of Parallelizable Techniques."

In 9th grade, I wrote a game called "Hunt the Wumpus 3D," leading a team of six AP Computer Science students for Microsoft's annual Hunt the Wumpus competition.

I loved playing XPilot back in fifth grade (2003), and my favorite map was "Nuke Dark Hell" – a remake of the standard New Dark Hell map, but with a bunch of item concentrators that churned out hundreds of missiles and mines... the perfect recipe for nukes! Nuke Dark Hell seems to have disappeared, so I remade it (and set up a server running it at xpilot.ankurdave.com). Here's the map: NukeDH 1.6 for XPilot.